Kitrans Logistics is a freight forwarding company, which is an integrated transportation service provider (Multimoda), using a combination of various modes of land, sea and air transportation, from loading of goods, packing, storage and delivery until duly delivered at the destination endpoint.

In order to enhance / promote trade and business relationships between our clients and their customers effectively and efficiently, every service, whether on a large or small scale, will be solved by the concept of Kitrans Logistics "ONE STOP LOGISTICS SERVICE ".

Supported by a vast agency and having its own office network throughout Indonesia and well trained and experienced human resources, Kitrans Logistics is proud to be a Company that can provide a complete and reliable logistics service.

With its headquarters in Surabaya, located in the same location as warehouses, operational activities and cargo traffic management can be easily integrated and kept under control.


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...Kitrans Logistics always strives to improve our service in all sectors, especially for Customer satisfaction and development and further expansion of our network

Our activities started in 1970 in Makassar, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) under the name "Halim Expedisi", providing traditional and inter island transportation services, especially agricultural commodities / products throughout Indonesia.

After several restructurings within the organization in the past, the Company since 2003 has been renamed KITRANS LOGISTICS to adapt to current demands in providing a complete service package that includes cargo clearance, freight forwarding by all modes of transportation, by land, sea and air, operating in the Domestic and International arena and serving all sizes of goods on a small or large scale.

Driven by the Company's new name and spirit, this is the goal of KITRANS LOGISTICS to constantly strive to improve our services in all sectors, especially for Customer satisfaction and the further development and expansion of our network. This is within the scope of our continuous improvement of our network throughout Indonesia and the international world.



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