Base on Condition:

  1. Door to Door

    We collect goods from origin / sender and deliver to the recipient address at destination

  2. Port to Door

    Items delivered by the sender to our place (CFS) or to the depo (CY) and we get to the recipient address at destination.

  3. Port to Port

    By status:

    1. For delivery of goods on a large or minimum scale with one container we deliver under conditions: tariff per container (FCL).
    2. For small-scale goods delivery we provide a rate per cubic meter or per ton (LCL), as per applicable regulations.



We serve shipments by land transportation both large and small scale for inner and outer city routes with vehicles ranging from small classes of pickups, medium class ie colt diesel, ankles, to the large class tronton, trailer.


We provide adequate storage facilities duly supported by mechanical material such as forklifts and well trained labor force for loading and unloading and proper stacking and storage in accordance with the standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of goods while in Kitrans Logistics possession or custody.


We provide services for the movement/transportation of heavy lift cargo/project cargo engaging a combination of various mode of transport such as LCT, Tug and Barge, low bed trailer, multi-axle trailer with hydraulic platform and the necessary heavy lift equipment and mechanical material. We also undertake to assist with preparing documentation for import clearance and re-export.

Veikko Somerpuro


We provide export and import document handling services.